FabFitFun Summer Box


Hi Lovelies, FabFitFun has released their summer box and it definitely deliversRead More »

Lexi is 4 Months Old!!!


So today 4/26/18 my baby girl is 4 months old, she weighs 17lbs and is 25in in length! She still has her gorgeous blonde hair and her eyes are becoming a lighter blue. It’s crazy how fast time is passing by. She now has a favorite toy (her teething carrot) and has a preferred show to watch (Beat Bugs). She still has a very demanding personality, but she now loves to laugh. There are times when I am talking to my husband about boring everyday life and randomly she starts laughing because apparently sometimes when I talk I sound hilarious. Its the cutest sound and we can’t help but laugh with her and give her lots of kisses.Read More »



Hi everyone, I feel like I am constantly on the move and never have time to just write. One post I have actually been wanting to write is about homeschooling. My 2 older girls are currently being homeschooled . My oldest (12 yrs old) started 8th grade in a public charter school but due to some personal issues we decided to withdraw her and continue to homeschool her for now.Read More »