Lexi is 4 Months Old!!!


So today 4/26/18 my baby girl is 4 months old, she weighs 17lbs and is 25in in length! She still has her gorgeous blonde hair and her eyes are becoming a lighter blue. It’s crazy how fast time is passing by. She now has a favorite toy (her teething carrot) and has a preferred show to watch (Beat Bugs). She still has a very demanding personality, but she now loves to laugh. There are times when I am talking to my husband about boring everyday life and randomly she starts laughing because apparently sometimes when I talk I sound hilarious. Its the cutest sound and we can’t help but laugh with her and give her lots of kisses.

4 months

She started trying to roll from her back to her tummy about 2 weeks ago, she not there yet but she almost has it. Right now she loves to sit on her sit me up and go crazy with the hanging toys it came with, sometimes I will hang her favorite carrot and she will sit there chewing on her toy and watching her Beat Bugs show. She only lasts about 15-20 mins but hey I at least could get a quick meal in.

She is no longer a huge fan of her MamaRoo apparently, it is not as good as being rocked by mommy or daddy.  The only way she could be put to sleep is if she is swaddled in her Copper Pearl Swaddle and is rocked side to side and her Soundbub is playing in the background.

She is still being breastfed exclusively and she has become a champion pooper. Thank god for Honest diapers, I at first started using Pampers Swaddlers and every poop was an explosion on her clothes and for you moms out there who breastfeed know that breast milk poop stains baby clothes. With Honest I have maybe had 2-3 poop explosions which is nothing compared to how it was before.

 Lexi’s top 5 favorite things are:

  1. Bright Starts Teething carrot
  2. Fisher Price Sit Me Up
  3. Skip Hop Explore & More activity gym
  4. DockATot with Arch hanging toys
  5. Baby Backseat Mirror for Car (she loves to stare at herself and BABY TALK)

My current Top 3 things that make my life easier:

  1. SoundBub
  2. Copper Pearl Swaddle
  3. Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Thank you for reading



Photos were taken using Canon 80d w/ Canon 18-55 mm lens

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