My Baby Hates Being in the Car Seat!!


So from what you can tell from the title my 2 month old HATES the car seat! No matter if we are taking a 10 min drive or 2 hour drive she starts screaming. We took what was suppose to be 2 hour trip out of town for a doctors appointment and it took us about 3 to 4 hours! We had to make several stops to take her out and comfort her. She currently uses the Nuna Pipa car seat (which I love) but debating if maybe we should buy another which I don’t think will make a difference. When we attach the car seat to the Nuna Mixx2 stroller she is fine but in the car she instantly hates it. For now we decided to buy her the Soundbub since she does love her music and white noise and a much cooler insert since she does get pretty sweaty in the car seat. We are hoping this work.


With my now seven year old she had a similar issue as a baby but once we bought her the Baby Orbit carseat that zipped down in the back to let in the breeze she loved it. My babies tend to run warm so I am thinking my 2 month old is over heating and yes I do have the AC running full blast but that doesn’t seem to be enough. For now I will be trying out the SoundBub and new insert and hope for the best since a new carseat will be pricey.

I will give updates later in the future about these products 😊

Anybody have any suggestion on how I could make car trips smoother for her? Comment below 😊



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